This page contains photo albums and a google map of the locations Recanto da Paz, Sitio Ester, The Mission House and Barro Alto.

With these photo albums we like to give you an impression about the work of  ZENDING AMAZONES, or in Brazilian language: SERVICO MISSIONARIO DA AMAZONAS. When my wife Liesbeth and I (Fred, the webmaster) in 2006 visioted Manaus and met (led by God!) Betty and we could see the work of SEMA I as photographer for charity made this impression.

  • General photo impression van SEMA, the work of Betty and José
  • Visit of Carla (EO Metterdaad)
  • Betty's collection of photo's

Below is a Google Earth screenshot of the SEMA locations.


Betty Smit

Rua João Valério -
Travessa São Bernardo, 37-A
Manaus A.M. CEP:69053-690
Amazonas, Brasil


Zending Amazones
Marterveld 29,
8017 ME Zwolle
038-465 80 28

For gifts

Stg. Zending Amazones
ING 2711351, Zwolle
IBAN NL60 INGB 0002711351


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