When Betty was still working inland, she lived in a small wooden house in the slums of Manaus. In 1976 Betty and José bought the house they still live in today. After that, the house next door was purchased and completely remodeled. It became a large auditorium which was used for evangelical outreaches. In the back was a freezer room, a guest room and a room to store supplies. Behind it was the living area for co-workers and missionaries from inland who came to visit for a few days. In 1992 an extra level was built on top which harboured a consulting room, a waiting room, offices, supply rooms and guest rooms. Sometimes these guest rooms where used for temporarily sheltering drug addicts. These are the head quarters from where the entire missionary project of Betty and José is being steered.

Missionary houseAlmost all the funds needed are coming out of the Netherlands. For this purpose the Foundation Amazones Missionaries was founded in the Netherlands. The sister organisation in Brazil is called SEMA: Serviço Missionário do Amazonas and is located in the mission house Travessa Sao Bernardo 37-37A in Manaus. From this office, all of the activities take place to the various divisions such as: - administration center plus living and guest house division

  • logistics center with warehouses, freezers, and a garage for the vehicles
  • Recanto da Paz, the shelter for boys and families
  • Recanto da Paz trade school and elementary school
  • Kanaän, the farm
  • Ester, the shelter for girls
  • Ester, kindergarten and preschool

Betty has been in charge of all of this for almost 40 years now.
According to her: a beautiful, thankful, but also murderous living.
Of course Betty doesn't have to do all this work alone. The various divisions and homes have their own leadership and responsibilities. Betty doesn't have to check every detail. She maps out the outlines. Betty is keeping busy nowadays mostly with things like:

  • management
  • logistics
  • buying food and other necessaties
  • staffing
  • planning evangelical outreaches
  • organisation of the schools
  • building and maintenance plans
  • healthcare
  • agricultural projects
  • cattle projects
  • supporting parents
  • counselling ex- drug addicts

It's a very busy life with lots of hard years. But she knows that God is granting her the strength to be able do this rewarding work as a service to His Kingdom.
It's all about the street kids of Manaus. Devoid of motherly love, no food and being addicted to sniffing glue; rejected by people but not rejected by God.
Of course there is much more work to do in and around the missionary post. Betty considers herself very blessed to be surrounded with permanent co-workers.

Betty Smit

Rua João Valério -
Travessa São Bernardo, 37-A
Manaus A.M. CEP:69053-690
Amazonas, Brasil


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