Recanto da Paz, december 2005

My name is Daniëlle and I'm 14 years old. ("For privacy reasons photographs may not be published")

I made friends with other young people that did a lot of bad stuff. They also used drugs and smoked. My parents were getting divorced. I didn't like my new stepdad. He hit me and that's why I started hanging out more outside then being at home. After that my mom started hitting me too and that's why I would go out on the streets more and more. My real dad works with Betty. He asked Dona Betty if it was possible that I could come to Recanto da Paz. That's how I got here. I made new friends and they had the same problems that I had. Here's where I got well and my friends at Recanto da Paz got well too.

At Recanto da Paz I also learned to love the Lord. Now I really love esus and I want to live for Him.

Recanto da Paz, december 2005

My name is Diego and I'm 14 years old.

I started hanging out with the wrong kind of friends when I was only 12 years old. These friends brought me in contact with video games. I ended up doing nothing else. I became totally addicted. My friends started offering me cigarettes and alcohol. I became addicted to these as well. I got to know the Moconha. It was "the thing" to use. But as they call it here, it was "the pest in the stomach". From the first time I used it, I loved it and became totally wild. To use this, I needed lots of money. I was taught to perform armed robberies. I learned to do all kinds of crazy stuff for money. I was so blind to reality. For two years things went downhill with me. I used more and more drugs.

But the Lord opened a door for me. He had a different path for me. I ended up in Rio Preto at Recanto da Paz. There I learned to see reality again. The leaders at Recanto da Paz, Donna Betty and Dr. Pimenta showed me that recovery was possible and that I could turn my life around. If you are addicted like I was, the Lord can do a miracle for you too. He will show you the road to reality. A miracle can happen for you, just like it happened for me.

Recanto da Paz, december 2005

My name is Emmerson and I'm 14 years old.

When I was still studying, I came in contact with many friends at school. They taught me to do new things, I wasn't used to. I got a friend who'se name was Emmerson as well. The friendship became very tight. He protected me and made sure no one hurt me. One day I found out he was sniffing glue. I hated the smell but he kept urging me to use it too. He gave me a plastic bag with glue. When I tried it I got my first vision. After that time, it happened each time I sniffed glue. After that I started to use the Mocanha. It is used commonly in schools. After that I started using Pasta Cocaïne. All the money I could get would be used for this. I got involved with street gangs. I often got arrested and then my grandmother had to come and get me from the police station. There were many nights my grandmother didn't sleep because she had to come and get me. Because I was quiet bossy, many people didn't like me. Sometimes there were attempts to kill me. I always carried a large chopping knife to protect myself. I used these knives at the many armed robberies. Like me, my brother Paulinho was addicted as well and he was put into a drug rehabilitation center. I asked him how it was there, and what they did to help him. I started to think about myself too, because I had hit rock bottom and couldn't get out by myself. On December the 18th, 2004, my brother came home, totally recovered.

I had been away from home for many days. But now I wanted to see if he really had changed. When I seen him, he looked great, healthy and happy. I started to cry out loud. Paulinho told me how he got involved with drugs. He didn't want nothing to do with them now. He said I should go too and that I could be free from it. I asked my grandma to take me there. My grandma offered me all the help I needed so I could go to Recanto da Paz.

It's great over here. Then my old friend Emmerson came here too. He said that it was all a bunch of rubbish and that recovery was impossible. He said it was only for weaklings. I ran away from Recanto da Paz, but regretted it right away. Fortunately I was allowed to come back. After a while I started to become curious and started investigating Jesus. He showed me the road to salvation. This is where my recovery started and I understood that that was the reason for my being here at Recanto da Paz. I started praying and asked for Peace. Everything around me changed. Everything around me was no longer course and ugly. I started seeing the beautiful things in nature, and the love of the team workers who where helping me. I understood that for God nothing is impossible. I got my Best Friend: JESUS. I started getting many real friends that truly loved me. I look completely different to my grandma now, who has done everything she could to help me. In December I'm going back home and together with my brother, I'm going to help my grandma so that she doens't have to work so hard.

Praise the Lord. I am free.

Recanto da Paz, december 2005

My name is Marcio and I'm 11 years old.

I do not have a mom or dad. An old aunt has taken me into her home. She couldn't handle me. I kept running away from home and did all sorts of strange things. Things I now feel embarassed for. My aunt brought me to Recanto da Paz.

I know that if I wouldn't have been brought here, nothing good would have happened for me. Here, I'm learning a lot. Also the path to Jesus that I have taken has caused me to change. I want nothing to do anymore with all of the strange things I did before. I'm free from alcohol.

Now I am free and I thank the Lord for it every day. I can't go home because I don't have a home. But here at Recanto da Paz I have found a Father as well as a Mother, whom are taking very good care of me.

Thank you Tia Betty, Dr. Pimenta, Tio Waldon and all others

Recanto da Paz, december 2005

My name is Maurice and I am 16 years old. (For privacy reasons photographs may not be published)

My problems started when I started to play with my friends in the streets at night. At first it was fun but soon I was asked to participate in stealing. At first I didn't want to go. I tried to get out of it by saying I was very afraid and too frightened and those kind of things. At one of the burglaries, while my friends were robbing, I hid myself in the bathroom of the house. There I found a tin of paint thinner. I smelt it and liked the smell.

I kept smelling at it. Then I took it to my friends. I had them smell it too. They too liked it. We sniffed paint thinner for two months.

Then one of my cousins told me that cobblers glue was even better. But it was much more expensive. Stealing it was an easy way to get some. Soon I got a large tin that would last me a long time. My friends got involved too in sniffing this glue. Every day we used more and more.

I stole everything in my mom's house to get money. When my mom didn't know what to do with me anymore she took me to drug rehab to recover. That's how I got to Recanto da Paz terecht. I met fellow sufferers here that were dealing with the same problems I was. They told me how their lives got changed. Now I have changed as well. I have come to know Jesus and I have a new life.

Praise the Lord.

Betty Smit

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