Skyline ManausThe city of Manaus is the capitol of the state the Amazones in Brazil and has about 2 million citizens. It is expected that the number of citizens will rise to 3 million within the next 10 years. Manaus is the main center of business and trade in the Amazon area. Especially at the turn of the century of the 1900's Manaus was thriving because of the rubber industry. While rubber tappers in the jungles where dying from hunger and disease, the rubber tycoons would build mansions for themselves. In this manner was the Teatro Amazonas built, with the money of the rubber tycoons. Even today Manaus has a vast industrial area and a major harbor for importing and exporting goods..

The industry lures many people from the inlands to Manaus. Their hope is to find jobs and build a better life. The contrast between the rich and the poor is huge, just like any other place in Brazil. It is almost unfathomable for Europeans that rich and poor can live so closely together.          
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